• Jana Arellano

Women do not always end up living happily ever after

Sometimes we find ourselves on different paths than planned. Women find themselves divorced, single moms and navigating through life alone. The Life Lessons with the Unorthodox Business Mom talks about path changes and methods to get through those unexpected changes.

Susie Aguilar CEO and Founder of The Unorthodox Business Mom shares her journey of being a new mom and going through a divorce, declaring financial disaster, and being diagnosed with cancer, Susie Aguilar felt like her world was crumbling. Rather than let these challenges tear her down, she used this to fuel her to be a better mother and woman. While the journey was difficult, she was able to leverage personal growth and determination to establish her and her daughter’s future. She is equipped with the knowledge of what it takes to get to the next level. Through her story and guidance, you will feel empowered to take action in your life no matter what hurdles you face.

Susie has taken her experience to help others through her one on one coaching as certified John Maxwell Coach. She is the host to The Embrace Fear Podcast. Susie shares her tools of creating a positive environment, using positive trigger words, and mentoring women.

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