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Roaring through Life’s Obstacles with Lynne Butler

Threepeats are not always in sports; in fact, threepeats happen when life throws us obstacles. We are living life and “bam” obstacle and then “bam” another obstacle and then “bam” again another obstacle. This series can create a negative mindset and become a challenge to face your daily responsibilities. How do you get through a series of obstacles?

Lynne Butler from Lynne and Company experienced the threepeat series of obstacle. She was going through an unexpected divorce, lost her grandchildren in a tragic accident and lost her dad to cancer. This was the most challenging time of her life, but she had people depending on her. Lynne had a daughter and mother that was depending on her to support them through their pain and she herself was experiencing pain. It was during this time that she found her purpose to help other people.

Lynne had to dig deep and deal with herself, she had to become resilient to find her power and thrive. The reality was that this was Lynne’s third divorce, and she knew that she needed to work on herself. She needed to change her mindset and deal with her issues. In this process, she developed the ROAR method and shares her actionable steps to go from defeat to victory.

In this podcast, Lynne and I discuss that when obstacles hit, give yourself some time to deal with the emotions. You need to acknowledge the feelings and make daily goals that will get you through each day. Some days the goal may be to take a shower or getting dressed, but the point is to have a goal.

Lynne found that her obstacles had given her the tools to help others. She is a Certified Life Empowerment Coach, a Speaker, and an author. She helps people power through the changes that result from obstacles and sometimes multiple obstacles. She shares her hard story and openly discusses her experience and how she got through.

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