• Jana Arellano

Her Move Now-Introduction

Are you a Women that wants to make a change in your life? Maybe life forced a change or a challenge for you to work through. Her Move Now is focused on Women making changes. These are remarkable stories that will encourage Women from everywhere and help them refocus their lives and get the courage to go after the life that they want. It is not just about story telling but about learning from Women. Learning the lessons, they have learned, the process they took and how they got motivated. These are remarkable stories that will encourage.

Her Move Now is about creating a movement for Women to build their confidence and create powerful changes in their lives.

A podcast that is focused on helping Women reinvent their lives. What started out as an event to network, resulted in a platform for women to build confidence using their voice. A platform for women to share their stories and inspire others to make their moves and change their lives.

Hosted by Jana Arellano, A Women that embraces change and has faced many difficulties in her life. She will share her experiences that led her to face her fears, find her voice and reinvent her life.

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