• Jana Arellano

Healing To Change with Elaine Alec

Not every childhood experience includes having warm supportive parents with loving homes and the perfect scenarios that lead people to become successful adults. Unfortunately, it is just the opposite for many people. There are many adults living their lifes scared by their childhood experiences and fighting to overcome the lives that they were born into. Elaine Alec had some very traumatic life experiences; sexual abuse by men in her community, witness of abuse, and exposure to alcohol at the age of 10.

Elaine changed the path of her life. She gave up the alcohol and faced the pain in her life. She faced the childhood traumas and made peace with her past. Her process of healing included talking about the experiences and her thoughts. She found that talking through the experiences has helped her work through the vulnerability. Regardless of it all, the journey, the experience, and her feelings; she is a great mom, a professional and a strong woman.

Elaine created a plan and a vision. It did require her to ask for help along her journey. She took the risk and built her confidence in the change. Your past does not have to hold you back. Elaine is a great example of this. She did struggle with alcoholism, but she was able to learn from the people in her life. She had to recreate herself and repair the damages from the years of her drinking. Elaine has also found her worth through holding her values and a reputation built on integrity.

Calling My Spirit Back is Elaine’s first book. She is a partner and owner with Alderhill Planning Inc. and works with Indigenous communities across Canada to promote healing in planning, governance and. Elaine shares much of her work on her YouTube Channel and her website and her social media accounts and

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