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Career Change, Life Assessment, and Healing with Emily Harman

It is hard to imagine the outcome of a failed relationship, the experience of abuse, or even life after a long successful career. We look at relationships as lasting forever. That abuse will leave scars for a lifetime and that retirement is the end of careers. We could not be further from the truth in thinking this way. Emily Harman is a great example of how we need to alter our thinking about the journey of life.

Serving, 38 years to our country as both a Naval Officer and civilian federal employee, Emily retired as a member of the Senior Executive Service in May 2019. Emily’s career started in the Navy shortly after women could serve in the Navy. She played basketball for the Navy and served in many roles before she ended her career as a civilian working with small business contracts. Emily found a new purpose and passion towards the end of her career, which lead to her creating the Onward Movement Coaching and Podcast. After retiring, she was able to build a community that focuses on “Authentic Conversations on Facing Adversity.” Emily is familiar with adversity and shares her story and shares the process of her journey.

Having a career change is a great endeavor but there is more to Emily’s story. Marriages that ended due to abuse and facing herself in the process of healing. The real inspiring result of the abuse is that Emily helped her husband during the last days of his life. We can learn forgiveness and healing from this part of Emily’s life.

Emily does share that self-care is essential when going through the adversities in life. She also encourages self-assessment. When life failures happen, there is a benefit in evaluating yourself to see how you can improve and learn from the experience. Emily did learn about her personality and how she placed others before herself. Emily is still helping people in a healthy process. Emily opens the conversation on adversities in life. However, it is not just about the facing of adversities but talking about them. Emily has created a healing platform, where people can openly talk and discuss the troubles of life and release the fears of judgment.

Her Move Now shares the stories of Women that have built confidence in change. Emily is exactly an example of how in the journey’s we learn and grow. After 38 years in the military to a life in personal development, coaching, and podcasting, she is the purest example of what we as Women are capable of. Emily can be reached on the Onward Movement Facebook Group and

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