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My Story

Founder of Her Move Now

After promoting into management, I hit the hardest point in my life. Facing my second divorce, my older children moved out of the home and not being able to keep my old friends, I was very alone. To add pressure, I was nearly failing in my new position and almost lost my career because I lacked the necessary skills. I decided that I had to change, and the first thing that I did was tackle my communication and speaking skills.


Learning public speaking required me to work through low confidence, false beliefs, and some of the worse childhood experiences. Finding my voice liberated me and empowered my life. It was a process of reprogramming my mind and creating a new mindset about myself. Yes, the fundamentals of public speaking were necessary. However, it was the mind work and the process to from courage to confidence that allowed me to go from knee shaking fear to owning my space on a stage.


I see my story repeated by many women, a fear holding them back from changing their life. It may not be public speaking but a skill, an action, or the knowledge of how. I created Her Move Now with idea of helping Women dream bigger and learn strategies to improve their circumstances. I share stories and experiences to help motivate and encourage them to know that they are capable of more than they think. The Women will learn skills to build their confidence, so that they can take real action in their life. They can go after goals that will result in improved finances and an improved quality of life.


Her Move Now has allowed me to help Women find their voice, to learn and grow in confidence, and encourage them to move forward. 

Jana C. Arellano 

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